Consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous English-Russian translation in Atlanta and Georgia

There are times where you have a large audience and the pausing of traditional translating does not fit. The listeners may also speak another language. How do you talk to them? Atlanta Translation can help by providing real-time simultaneous translating services. Some situations in which we can help include:

  • Guide Support. Providing guide services for visits to Atlanta
  • Business Meetings – simultaneous translation of meetings between clients and customers or potential business partners
  • VIP Escort – a comprehensive representation of the client in the most large-scale events, such as major international presentations
  • Promptness. We can arrive at your event when you want us there

We solve all problems from A to Z. We can handle the simultaneous interpretation as well as the general preparation of your conversation or event. Atlanta Russian Translation can handle room selection for your event as well as the installation and configuration of all necessary equipment. We will also make sure that all participants understand each other. Atlanta Russian Translation can also translate any documents, promotional products, and audio/visual material into English or Russian.