Transcription of text in Atlanta and Georgia

Atlanta Russian Translation provides quality translation and transcription services to clients throughout Atlanta and Georgia. This involves listening to a client recite the information he or she wants to convey to an audience in their native English or Russian, translating the information to the language of the intended person or audience, and repeating the information so it is heard and understood by the recipients. Atlanta Russian Translation can provide transcription services in a variety of environments, no matter the nature of the subject matter. Whether it is business or personal, we can provide our services when needed.

Atlanta Russian Translation guarantees accurate transcription of speech from English to Russian and vice versa. We can provide our services on site or you can provide the material that is to be transcribed in an audio or video file such as MP 3 or AVI via a USB flash drive or DVD/CD. We can even translate and transcribe via live video using Skype or other videoconferencing services.We can return the transcribed content to you in person or via email.

Atlanta Russian Translation can provide transcription services and assure you of the following:

  • We can translate and transcribe highly specialized speeches and materials. Whether it is IT, advertising, construction or architecture – our expert translators can decipher the technical aspect of any text while preserving its meaning
  • We guarantee the accuracy and quality of every transcription. We check and re-check all words and phrases in every transcription we produce
  • We calculate costs based on the project. There is no flat fee for services because we work with you and your budget. If we are only translating and transcibing a small document, then that is all you will pay for

If you need quality translation and transcription services, reach out to Atlanta Russian Translation and let us go to work for you!