Events translation

Interpretation services of events in Georgia and Atlanta

People need to understand each other in order to do business. It is that simple. This is why Atlanta Russian Translation offers the best Russian/English interpreting services in Georgia for seminars, meetings, and conferences. Our expert team of interpreters will shatter any language barriers with their expertise.

Atlanta Russian Translation offers both serial and simultaneous interpretation in Atlanta. We can interpret the English language for a Russian or Ukrainian speaker, as well as translate Russian or Ukrainian for a native English speaker. We can do this with ease in person or over the phone, and our experienced interpreters know how to capture the nuances of each language that they translate in order to reproduce a natural conversation that will satisfy all parties.

We have offered the best Russian interpretation services in Atlanta for years so no event, conference, or conversation is too big or small for us. If you need an interpreter, Atlanta Russian Translation can fulfill your needs.

Atlanta Russian Translation can assist with the following tasks:

  • Assist you in the selection, rental, and setup of your space for a conference or event
  • Provide you with the equipment for your event as well as help with the setup and operation during the event
  • We can set up the area for interpretation and provide simultaneous interpreting in the same room or in a specially equipped nearby space
  • Provide a clear, crisp audio signal so people can receive your message when speaking to a large crowd. We can also provide the same clarity for telephone conversations or conference calls

Atlanta Russian Translation will not hesitate to travel to your event because of distance. If it is in the City of Atlanta or anywhere in the metro area, we can come to you and provide the best Russian language translation services in Atlanta.