Court translation

Translation services for Court in Georgia and Atlanta

People who are not familiar with the English or Russian languages can have a hard time when attempting to handle court proceedings. Instructions from judges or court officers may not be clear, and the outcome of a court case or hearing can come down to one word. Therefore, people that are going to court and do not have a good understanding of the English language should reach out to Atlanta Russian Translation. We provide the best Russian translation services in the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta Russian Translation can represent your interests in courts at the local, city, state, and national levels. We are registered with the General Services Administration (GSA) and we have all of the necessary permits to legally translate for people who are going through the court systems in Atlanta. We are also registered internationally so we can provide our translation services for Americans that are going to Russia.

Atlanta Russian Translation has sequential and simultaneous interpreters that can communicate with the authorities on behalf of the Russian-speaking community we are assisting. We also provide services for people who may not be in the city limits of Atlanta. If you reside in metro Atlanta, you can still send Atlanta Russian Translation any documents that you need translated for court via email or postal mail. We can have them prepared and returned to you promptly so you can be prepared for your court hearings. We guarantee speed, accuracy, and certified documents that will be accepted by the court you are attending.

Here are some reasons you should select Atlanta Russian Translation for your translating needs:

  • We are familiar with the Georgia and U.S. court systems. This allows us to know which documents need to be translated and who will want to see them. Atlanta Russian Translation is not simply a liaison between you and the courts – we represent you and will serve as your eyes and ears when it comes to the translation and submittal of your documents.
  • We can provide our translation services for any type of proceeding. Whether it is a civil or criminal hearing, we can translate for our clients once the approval is received from the presiding judge. However, we can translate documents in any setting – either on site or from our office.
  • We can translate and interpret for attorney-client meetings or depositions. No matter the setting, if our clients need us to speak for them, we can be there or do it remotely if the appropriate technology is available at the court where the proceedings are taking place.

Atlanta Russian Translation collaborates with private citizens as well as corporate clients. We have worked with many law firms and courts in the State of Georgia and Russia so we can assure you that you will have the best prepared documents for your legal needs. Atlanta Russian Translation also believes in confidentiality for every client so you will never have to worry about your documents going anywhere other than to the courts or in your personal records.