Medical translation

Translation of medical documents in Atlanta

Regardless of their employment, occupation, income or social status, people in Atlanta need the opportunity to obtain full medical coverage. To obtain coverage in the United States, it is often necessary to submit the appropriate information to healthcare providers in English. There are also people that leave Atlanta to travel or live in Russia. In this case, documents need to be translated from English to Russian.

Atlanta Russian Translation can help you to solve this problem, professionally. The translation of documents should always be specialized due to the nature of the documents. Errors can result in inadequate or declined coverage. State and local laws, as well as industry and regional standards, must be taken into account in order to produce the most accurate translated documents.

Atlanta Russian Translation realizes the importance of flawless documents and offers the best Russian translation services in Atlanta and Georgia. We have translators that specialize in the field of public health and we have staff members that work every day on conclusions and extracts, inquiries, reference books, manuals, scholarly papers, and websites of pharmaceutical companies. We can translate any medical text to English from Russian or Ukrainian, or vice versa, and we will guarantee its accuracy. The documents we translate for you will be legible and accepted in the United States or your home country.

Some medical documents that we can translate include:

  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Medical insurance forms
  • Hospital and Insurance reports
  • Diet plans
  • Medical booklets and brochures
  • Video tutorials
  • Scientific studies and articles
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and medicinal instructions
  • Pharmaceutical websites

This is only a small list of what we can translate for you. If you have a medical document that you need translated, rest assured that Atlanta Russian Translation can handle the task for you.