VIP clients

Russian-English translation and integrated services for VIP clients in Atlanta and Georgia

VIP clients may travel from Atlanta to Russia and may need assistance understanding Russian or getting around. Atlanta Russian Translation can help with these tasks.

We offer great Russian interpreting services in Atlanta and Russia, and if you need an interpreter or person to escort you at an event in Atlanta or overseas, we can provide it. No matter the importance of the clientele or attendees. We have experts with exquisite manners and style that can help you communicate freely with officials or celebrities of any status.

Atlanta Russian Translation can translate or interpret for VIP clients. We have recognized experts that are highly respected and can get the meaning of your words across to your desired audience, whether it is a speech to a group of people or a simple conversation with one guest. Our Sequential and Simultaneous Translation in Atlanta will remove any language barriers. Your communication with your audience will be fun, flawless, and natural.

Atlanta Russian Translation can provide VIP interpreters for:

  • Dinners, receptions, and business meetings
  • Guide services or introductions at events
  • Presentations, conferences, exhibitions, and other similar events
  • Support for communication with one person or a group of people

When providing our VIP services, our staff can be out in the forefront with the client or hidden. When the latter is applicable, Atlanta Russian Translation can place an interpreter in a separate room where he or she can sequentially or simultaneously translate for the client via microphone technology. The manner of interpreting depends on the needs and desires of the client.